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Roslin & Adama

Your Friendly Neighborhood Roslin/Adama Community

Roslin/Adama shippers
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This a fan community for the characters of Laura Roslin and William Adama of Battlestar Galactica. All members have posting access. Any and all discussion on the show is welcome. This is a FRIENDLY place for all fans to come to. Everyone is welcome. We encourage people not to lurk and post whatever questions they have, but we understand if you only want to watch.
Refer to rules below for what is allowed and NOT allowed in your posts.

Rules for Roslin_Adama
1) ANYTHING to do with the show is permissible. Whether it’s a picture, article, fanart, fanfiction or just plain discussion.
2) What is NOT permissible is the following:
- Posts that are not ON topic.
- Posts with abusive or negative material or comments.
- Posts with advertising or just plain SPAM.
3) Posts that are ALLOWED: Feel free to advertise other communities that have to do with this SHOW, ACTORS, or CHARACTERS.
4) Posts discussing certain episodes, pictures, and articles MUST have a spoiler warning and use a LJ-Cut.
5) Lj-Cuts must also be used on posts containing large/HQ pics. Please respect users who may have slower internet connections.
6) If posting fanfiction have the following : -disclaimers
-rating(all ratings allowed)
-spoiler warnings (if any)
-pairing (if any)

Any other questions to do with the rules or community contact the moderators here at